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Balancing Self-Care

There is so much going on in the world right now. Do a web search for "self-care" and you will find an overwhelming amount of information and strategies. It is important. That is why there is so much posted about self-care. The bottom line is to find what helps you escape and to use that in a positive way for a healthy amount of time. Take video games for example. Playing video games to escape reality can be a relaxing and rejevenating strategy.... for awhile. Playing video games every day and into the night to the detriment of sleep, nutrition, exercise, and time outside has moved from self-care into a problem. A blend of escape and being in the moment seems key. The most beneficial balance is unique to each individual. If you feel like you have gotten out of balance and you need help finding it again, talking it through with someone or journaling about it could be useful. Or, go back to that web search and maybe you will find some strategies that could be worth adding to your routine.

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