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Individual Psychotherapy

Empowerment occurs when we transform intention to action. I have a collaborative yet challenging approach in my work with individual clients. Your mind is where intention moves toward action. I see it as my job to help you find answers that are already within you from a strengths-based approach. Because we are working together collaboratively, you have the freedom to express what you need from psychotherapy and I will want to spend time exploring how your cultural background impacts your presenting concerns. You're also in therapy for change and that's where my ability to challenge you comes in. I can provide a positive relationship in which you can learn about yourself and grow. Further, mindfulness is a large part of how I approach our work together, particularly as you are working toward new thoughts and behaviors with the goal of improving your life in general.




Performers are often encouraged to hide feelings and to act as if they have no issues or struggles with performance. You may have already realized that you have feelings and that you do struggle with your performance. With me, you have a place you can have an open conversation about your doubts and struggles while moving toward improving your mentality. My approach is based on your strengths and dependent on your objectives. We will determine together in our initial session what your goals are and how we will approach them.


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