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Dr. Gildner provides a variety of services for individuals, teams, and groups.

Outdoor Workout
Clinical Services
Telementalhealth & Face-to-Face


Clinical Services are provided by a Licensed Counseling and Sport Psychologist and focus on improving individual mental and emotional health. Individual performers benefit from Clinical Services by exploring and learning to cope with issues such as depression, anxiety, issues of LGBTQ identity, relationship difficulties, life transitions, grief and loss, self-esteem, emotion regulation and management, issues with communication, or other personal and stress-related issues. Working through these issues can improve an individual's performance while also improving life satisfaction.


For performers, injury and trauma can create emotional and mental issues that one is not familiar with and therefore not equipped to handle. This can make recovery particularly difficult. The Sport Psychologist can work with you through the injury or trauma to determine a path and help you work through how you handle whatever might be the outcome.

Mental Performance
Video & Face-to-Face

(Performance Enhancement)

Mental Performance Services are provided by a Licensed Counseling and Sport Psychologist and focus on improving performance to help you gain the mental edge to perform your very best. Whether you are experiencing difficulty in your performance or are satisfied with your current performance but believe you have another level, our Mental Performance Services are for you. 


Every performer is an individual and is treated as such. However, common issues impacting performers in a variety of environments such as athletics, action sports, performing artists, medical providers, and outdoor expeditions include confidence, negative self-talk, motivation, communication, injury, relationships with team and coaches, imagery, lack of team cohesion, leadership issues, Yips, and fear.

Team and Group Performance
Presentations and Workshops

Teams and Groups attempting to work together toward a common goal can experience any number of difficulties in that quest. Personality differences within teams can cause a great deal of confusion, miscommunications, and general lack of understanding. Having a common goal does not always make up for those differences. Enlisting a Sport Psychologist to work with you through the issues impacting your team or group can be an effective way to smooth the path toward your common goal while helping you learn together how to prepare for and handle expected and unexpected difficulties along the way.


Sometimes a team or group feels well-connected and well-prepared for the common goal. With those groups, Sport Psychology can be effective in preparing for the unexpected. For example, all is well when the group structure is in place. But what happens when your leader is unavailable or there is a crisis? Exploring ahead of time communication styles, personality, and how individuals react under stress can be immeasurably useful when you are in the midst of the unexpected.

Would your team or group like a presentation on Sport and Performance Psychology in general? Or perhaps there is a particular concept within Sport and Performance Psychology in which your team or group is particularly interested. Presentations and workshops are appropriate for any age group and can be applied to any areas of performance such as athletics, action sports, performing artists, medical providers, and outdoor expeditions. Presentations and workshops are generally less interactive than Team and Group Performance Enhancement but will still engage you. Common requests include "What is Sport Psychology?," confidence building, using imagery for improved performance, and self-talk.

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