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You Got To Move It Move It

It's normal to lose momentum during the Holiday Season. For some, this is especially true during a pandemic. So, maybe you ate more than you intended or did not exercise as much as you planned. Inertia is a force, a force that keeps things still. At this point, what you may need is an equal or stronger force to create movement. That stronger force could be as simple as getting out of bed 15 minutes earlier, walking a portion of your usual running route, going outside, running around inside your house, or anything that is different that what is keeping you still. On Thanksgiving, for a variety of reasons I was not able to get outside. So I ran a 5K through the house, if you can call *that* running. But it wasn't walking and it did not feel like a jog. A wog? So go an extra few yards on your dog walk or just dance around your house in whatever way you are able. Find that minimal force to move against inertia to help get you started.

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