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Waiting For Something That May Never Come

I just hope I feel motivated when it is time to get things done!

What thoughts come up when you see that statement? It is a pretty common thought and hope, right? I definitely hear it a LOT in my work with performers. But for most performers, nothing will stand out about it. From a mental performance perspective, a lot stands out to me.

Most of us have spent too much time "waiting for motivation to hit" when really, there is no need for motivation in order to get things done. Nike has it basically right with their tagline. But, I would update it to "just do something!" Usually when we are "waiting for motivation," it usually has something to do with fear, perfectionism, and a lack of confidence. Sometimes just taking a step in the right, or right for now, direction can be a pivotal moment in moving toward the goal. The step you take does not need to be perfect. It's basically a strategy to interrupt inertia.

So, what do you want to do and what is a small step you can take in that, or some, direction to get yourself moving?

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